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We really value our clients and, thankfully, the feeling is mutual!


……. the partnership that we have developed with Nexus continues to contribute to the alignment of our company with our strategic objectives.

John Russell, Executive Chairman - Russell Mineral Equipment

I have been fortunate to engage Nexus Executive Services for strategic direction support in several organisations. The first of these was the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN which was a start-up entity commissioned when the Federal Government restructured investment in primary health services throughout Australia. As a start-up business, the development of strategic direction was paramount to divining purpose, primary customers, core values, brand values and prioritised high level courses of action to allow the PHN to move forwards. We engaged Andrew Douglas from Nexus and his experience in facilitation was pivotal to steering the development of our strategic direction.

John Minz, Chairman - Darling Downs West Moreton PHN


...... In short, Nexus’ solutions are highly effective and, from what I’ve seen, yield a return that renders the investment in their services inconsequential. Nexus embodies everything one would hope for in a contemporary people and performance advisory firm and I would encourage businesses of any nature to take advantage of the significant opportunities the firm presents.

Nick Barker, (Former) Regional Manager - HR & HSEQ, Hutchinson Builders

…… Based on our experience, we have every confidence in recommending the organisation for any recruitment or human resource management related consultancy.

 Phil McCullough, (Former) Chief Executive Officer - Condamine Alliance

The strength of our Consultant's talent for recruitment is his intuition for the person who is required to meet the needs of specific business, often in circumstances where those within the business do not have the same vision and clarity. I suspect that this is drawn from his willingness to understand your business and what is required from a personnel perspective to best place the business to achieve its full potential. The strength of our practice has been reinforced significantly by the placement of two candidates by Nexus, whom have been an ideal cultural fit and brought strength to the business that we were unaware we were missing.  We are accordingly both grateful, and very committed to working with Nexus in the future.  

Kara Best, Legal Director - Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

Nexus Executive Services adds real value to our organisation through the provision of quality consulting services, particularly in the areas of Human Resource Management, Organisational Development and Specialist Recruitment. We have found Nexus’ Consultants to be informed, pragmatic and professional and their solutions to be innovative yet practical and effective.

Geoff Wormwell, (Former) Chief Executive Officer - Stahmann Farms

The professional services and advice that we receive from Nexus would have to be some of the most practical, effective and useful input that we have ever gained from an external consultancy firm. It is the firm’s understanding of our requirements, and its ability to continually deliver solutions that has had a positive impact on our bottom line, and that further strengthens our partnership each time we do business. We would give the Nexus team our very highest recommendation.

Dianne French, (Former) General Manager - Byron Capital

We have engaged Nexus on a number of occasions for applicant assessments, general advice and facilitation of a senior management performance appraisal, which shed light on a number of issues of organisational importance.

Nexus do a great job and are particularly sensitive to the context of each assignment. They are very inclusive and open in their approach. We would of course engage them again with much confidence.

 Chairman, NFP Organisation

The cultural fit as well as the match between candidate and position in terms of abilities and experience, coupled with the timeliness and professionalism of service delivery, has underpinned Nexus Executive Service’s success when recruiting professional staff for our team.

Catherine Kirkwood, (Former) General Manager - Murdoch Lawyers

…. Based on the firm’s proven record, we look forward to continuing to work with Nexus in the future.

Trevor Henderson, (Former) Managing Director - Downs MicroSystems

Nexus conducted two strategic planning workshops with our Board. Although the end result was a little different to what anyone would have predicted, it turned out to be the necessary next step for the business. The new direction resulted from the strategic review processes that commenced with the Nexus workshops. Our Consultant was very thorough in planning, conducting, and reporting on the strategic planning, taking into account a wide variety of stakeholder perspectives. He ensures that his facilitations are stimulating, confidential and inclusive so that all participants are engaged in the conversation.

Daryl Myatt, (Former) Chairman - Live Well Australia

After a successful senior management career within industry-leading private companies as well as a large multinational corporation, I now operate my own business.

While I was a professional manager, I had the pleasure of working with Nexus Executive Services in a number capacities and on a number of projects. I also benefited greatly from the Principal Consultant's coaching and mentoring.

Now operating my own business, I have maintained the relationship with him, as his wealth of experience and deep understanding of what makes people and organisations perform is relevant to both large and small businesses.

You never stop learning and improving and the role that a professional mentor,

such as Andrew, can play in that process is invaluable.

Owner/Manager - Small Business (& Former Executive)

I’d happily recommend Nexus as a recruiter of senior executive positions ….

David Simon, Managing Director - Simon National Carriers

We look forward to your becoming an advocate of Nexus in the near future!

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